A Man Like None Other

Chapter 4012

His gaze was chilling, and his expression was a mysterious mix of amusement and indifference. Jared found it somewhat unsettling.
"You are just a Fourth Level Tribulator, yet you possess Demon Flogger, a sacred item. If I'm not mistaken, you must be Jared Chance, the one hunted by the Demon Seal Alliance on hundred-year offering, right?"
The man spoke with a chilling tone!
Jared's expression abruptly shifted, he quickly shook his head and said, "I'm your grandfather, and I have no idea who that Jared is!"
Jared simply couldn't admit it. If he did, he would have a lot of trouble on his hands!
The words of the man caused the battling Dario, Juliet, and Judd, among others, to pause in surprise!
They had heard of Jared's fame, and how the Demon Seal Alliance had served hundred-year offering to hunt him relentlessly. This was no secret and common knowledge throughout the entire Ethereal Realm!
Jared was right there before their eyes, so how could they not be astonished!
However, Jared simply did not admit it, which left them somewhat uncertain!
"Ha, ha, ha, whether you are or not, I'm taking your head to Demon Seal Alliance to try my luck."
After the man finished speaking, he headed straight for Jared!
Upon seeing the situation, Juliet was concerned about Jared. She wanted to help him, but she was entangled by the people from Ghost Mask Sect, making it impossible for her to break free!
Quickly, a series of black mists began to envelop around Jared, shrouding him completely!
Seeing this scene, everyone else was worried for Jared!
However, they were all struggling to protect themselves at that time, and none of them were in a position to lend a hand to Jared!
Jared didn't panic at all when he was surrounded by the dark mist. He wasn't afraid of the man standing before him. His concern was for the others!
If the battle continued in this manner, Dario and his team would certainly end up at a disadvantage. There was even a real risk of them being completely wiped out!
This was certainly not what Jared wanted to see!
"Judd, Juliet," he said, "I'll hold these people off for you. You need to make your way to Divine Flame Mountain as quickly as you can. Whatever you do, don't look back, and don't worry about me."
"I have a way to escape, and they couldn't do anything to me..."
Jared conveyed a message to Juliet and the others, urging them to escape as soon as possible!
Continuing this fight with the people from Ghost Mask Sect wouldn't benefit them in the slightest!
However, Juliet and the others were extremely curious. They couldn't understand how Jared, a Fourth Level Tribulator, managed to hold back dozens of members from Ghost Mask Sect.
After all Maurice from Ghost Mask Sect was an expert of Ultimate Realm!
While everyone was clueless about how Jared could help them fend off these members of Ghost Mask Sect, a figure burst out from the black mist suddenly!
Upon seeing this, the man from Ghost Mask Sect swiftly sent a palm strike, thinking it was Jared who had burst out!
The moment his palm struck the other man, the male member of Ghost Mask Sect immediately regretted his actions!
Because when he struck, it felt as though he was hitting a wall of solid metal, causing such an impact that his entire arm went numb!
It turned out that this figure was actually a puppet upon closer inspection!
Caught off guard, the puppet lashed out a punch!
A colossal fist of fire struck the man from Ghost Mask Sect, sending him flying straight out!
With a swift wave of his hand, Jared made the black mist vanish instantly!
Everyone halted simultaneously, staring in disbelief at Jared's puppet!
It was such an impressive puppet, and its power was simply too formidable!
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They were utterly oblivious to the fact
that the driving core within this m core puppet was none other than fire soul essence of Fire Spirit Lord! The
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This fire soul essence was likely even more impressive than Divine Flame Seal
of Divine Flame Mountain!
This essence was used on the puppet, so how could the puppet not be
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Jared was directing his puppet to
attack Maurice. Then, with a vigorous
swing of Demon Flogger in his hand, flames ignited around it, burning brightly! The content is on Novelxo.org! Read the latest
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"Get going quickly..."
Jared exclaimed loudly!
After a brief moment of surprise, Dario immediately sprang into action and
headed straight for Divine Flame Mountain!
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They were well aware that if they
were entangled by Ghost Mask Sect, they would not be able to prevent Harlan from obtaining Divine Flame Seal! The content is on Novelxo.org! Read the latest chapter there!

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