In the Lap of Luxury by Unsweetened Chestnuts

Chapter 678

Suddenly, there was a clamor outside the door. Bobby had arrived, accompanied
by a group of influential figures. Grace looked over. "This is my first time meeting Bobby. What exactly do you want me to get on him?"
Jake smiled. When he smiled, he didn't seem evil. "I don't know. It depends on your abilities."
With that, he pressed his palm against Grace's back and pushed her forward. She stumbled forward. "M-Mr. Baxter."
Surprised, Bobby looked over. He didn't recognize Grace at first. It was the people beside him who told him. "It's Ms. Lewis from Amirate." Bobby suddenly remembered and raised his glass. "Ms. Lewis, I've heard of you."
Grace forced a smile. "Thank you for coming."
"It's my pleasure." Bobby had heard about Grace and knew she was Xander's girlfriend. Otherwise, he wouldn't have come there.
His gaze fell on the necklace around Grace's neck. It was the Eternal Love necklace he had seen before.
It seemed that Xander indeed cherished her. Hence, Bobby thought it wouldn't hurt to please her.
After a drink, Bobby took the initiative to introduce the people around him, all of whom had a political background. "Ms. Lewis, we can work together in the future."
Grace analyzed the people's backgrounds. All of them seemed to be related to construction projects. Could what Jake wanted be related to them?
After that, she stood nearby and closely watched Bobby's movements. Suddenly, the music and lights changed, and someone started chanting, "Show us your moves, Ms. Lewis!"
When Grace snapped back to reality, she was surrounded by cheers. She hadn't planned to dance that night.
Just as she was about to refuse, a voice came. "It's Amirate's annual party. Ms. Lewis, you wouldn't refuse to join the fun, would you?"
Since there was no way she could refuse, she searched for Caleb's figure while agreeing, "I'll join, of course."
However, Caleb wasn't on that floor
at the moment. Luke's voice came through her earpiece. "Mr. Caleb wentoutside. He probably won't make it back in time."
Seeing Grace frowning, Noelle called Timothy. "Don't bother getting my bag. Hurry back and help Grace out."
Since she had grown up in a family
like the Lewises, socializing and dancing were Grace's forte. She
wasn't too bothered. "I'll just dance alone-"
"I wonder if I have the honor of dancing with you, Ms. Lewis."
The voice came from a corner. It was incredibly charming and carried a hint of laziness.
The man wore a bright suit and a half-mask, making it impossible to see his face clearly. Yet anyone could tell he was incredibly handsome. Grace almost gritted her teeth. While others might not have recognized him, she did.
It was Jake.
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He had already made his way to the front of the stage. He bent down and Hey extended his hand. "I've admired you for a long time, Ms. Lewis." The
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Grace couldn't refuse him in front of everyone, or else she would seem ungracious.
"Sure. Do you know the Magyaron dance, Mr. Jake?"
It was the most difficult dance.
"Of course."
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As the music started playing, they were a sight to behold After all, lan beauty was dancing with a hot man. The atmosphere became lively. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
Jake held Grace's waist as they moved to the rhythm of the music.
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Grace thought she would end up m
stepping on him, but it went
smoother than she Kadexpected. She couldn't help but sarcastically comment, "I didn't expect a love child
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A prestigious family usually only trained the eldest son.

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