Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 3450

Zachary said, "Mr. Jimenez will probably go to Jensburg too, but he's old and not suited for long trips. The Stones are more anxious and worried than us."
Duncan asked, "Who is Mr. Jimenez?"
Zachary replied, "Oh, I forgot to tell you." He then explained Mr. Jimenez's affairs to Duncan.
When Duncan heard that the assistant of the previous head of the Farrell family had been found, he understood why the situation in Jensburg had suddenly become tense.
He was frustrated. "I know you hid it from me because you didn't want me to be anxious and worried, but I still feel sad and blame myself. If I had been more careful when driving that day and not been speeding, I wouldn't have had the accident. If I hadn't had the accident, my legs wouldn't be crippled, and you wouldn't have kept everything from me."
Zachary said, "Duncan, it's mainly because there are too many things going on these days." He didn't say anything else. They had hidden some things from Duncan because of his mobility difficulties.
Duncan was silent for a long time. Then he looked up at Zachary and said, "With those seniors there, I feel more at ease. Zachary, it's late, why don't you go home?"
Zachary replied honestly, "The situation in Jensburg has changed dramatically. I haven't told Seren yet. My sister asked me to keep it a secret from Seren because she's pregnant and not to worry her."
Whenever the two sisters encountered danger, Liberty always rushed to the front to protect Serenity.
Duncan stopped talking again. After a few minutes, he said, "Liberty is always like this."
Zachary said, "She's doing this for your own good. You're not mobile, and my Seren is pregnant. Even though she's three months along and the fetus is stable, you shouldn't be too nervous. Sonny is clamoring to go to FC Manor to play with Titus, so let Serenity and Sonny stay at Johnson's house for a while."
Zachary thought that by the time Serenity and Sonny returned from FC Manor, everything in Jensburg would probably be resolved.
Duncan said, "You're hiding this from Serenity, and she will quarrel with you if she finds out. You'll be in trouble then."
Zachary said, "I listen to my sister. If Seren makes a scene with me, I'll just endure it. As long as my sister comes back safely, Seren won't make too much of a fuss. At most, she'll send me to the study to sleep for a few nights. When the time comes, I'll sleep without a blanket and catch a cold in one night, and she will become soft-hearted."
Duncan thought: My friend is getting better and better at handling Serenity.
Duncan asked, "Will you go to Jensburg?"
He hoped that Zachary could go to Jensburg on his behalf.
Zachary replied, "I'll go there tomorrow and just tell Seren that I'm going on a business trip."
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Duncan said, "You must bring your
sister back safely, I'm waiting to get the marriage certificate with her." Visit to read the
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Zachary promised, "As long as I have a breath left, I will bring my sister back safely."
Duncan stopped talking again.
Zachary said, "Don't think too much, it'll be fine."
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"I'm just worried that the old w!tch
will take action tonight. She won't wait until you all get there before acting, unless she wants to catch and kill you all at once." Visit to read the latest chapter of this novel
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Duncan frowned, the stone hanging in his heart never fell to the ground. Clarissa did not have the ability to kilI Audrey and others, So she could only make plans against Liberty. Knowing that Liberty had many people around her, Clarissa would definitely fight a quick battle to prevent Wiltspoon from sending more people. Visit to read the latest chapter of this novel

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