Richest Mogul

Chapter 250

Chapter 250
Chapter 250
"Your great-grandson's room is next door. He was also affected by this traditional
dress," Skylar explained.
Frank was shocked and didn't react for a long time because Nigel was the one who
gave Grace the dress.
"The people who made the traditional dress wanted to use it to harm people. Over
the past century, many people have died after wearing it.
"What Mrs. Doherty Senior and your great-grandson saw in their dreams should be
those who once wore this traditional dress," Skylar explained with a complicated
Viola once stated that there were always many people with evil intentions in this
Having evil intentions meant harboring desires. So...
She thought of Frank's youngest son Nigel, who had just broken in. She wasn't suited
to intervene in Frank's family affairs.
"What should we do with this traditional dress?" Joe asked.
Skylar gazed at him. "Burn it."
"Oh... okay." Frank turned pale, looking as if he had aged dramatically in an instant,
losing his vigor. However, he quickly returned to his senses. After all, he was experienced with the ups and downs of life.
A few minutes later, Skylar and Joe left Doherty Residence. On the way back to
Galaxy Villa, she voiced her concern, "Nigel, Mr. Doherty Senior's youngest, Nigel
probably knows what's wrong with the traditional dress."
Joe appeared calm and nodded. "Being an elite family in Jipsburg isn't as simple as it seems. There are many hidden, evil agendas to navigate through. Are
you scared?"
"No, I was just thinking that many people had died because of that traditional dress. Skylar couldn't help but recall the traditional dress' patterns and pearls.
It was gorgeous and colorful. Anyone who wore it would feel like it matched their figure perfectly.
Joe became lost in thought as he looked at the solemn Skylar. He then happened to glance at the red bracelet on his wrist.
"Mr. Doherty Senior will handle this matter. Don't worry," Joe comforted her gently."
Paul drove quietly, saying nothing the entire journey. Despite his expressionless face, he was shocked by the way Joe treated Skylar.
Didn't Joe say he disliked Skylar? Why did it seem as if he had fallen in love with her?
Right then, Skylar received a call from Gloria. She immediately picked it up.
"Skye, Frank told us everything. What a scary dress. I also have a vintage dress from my old friend. It has been well preserved. I'm not sure if something is wrong with it." Gloria was frightened.
At their age, there weren't many people they could trust. And those who could be
trusted might be conspiring to harm them, which was no different from hurting their
Skylar's voice was soft and soothing. "Don't worry, Grandma. There's nothing like that at Pearlhall Residence. If someone gives you something in the future, you can keep them in the warehouse. We can take a look at them when I visit you. You can
count on me!"
"Oh, that's right! The fright I got from the news confused me. But I have you! There's
nothing to be afraid of!" Gloria said, giggling as she lay on the bed.
Skylar couldn't help but grin and echoed, "Yes, you have me."
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After ending her conversation with
Gloria, she spotted Joe glancing at her. There was something in his gaze that she couldn't fathom. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
"What's wrong?" she asked, meeting his meaningful gaze.
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"It's nothing." Joe stared at Skylar for a few seconds. When his gaze fell on her lips, he turned away and looked out the car window. The content is on! Read the latest
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She thought he was being weird. He always alternated between indifference and
Chapter 250
enthusiasm. Since she couldn't figure him out, she stopped thinking and looked
outside the car.
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It was already 10:00 pm, and there
on the road.
were fewer cars on the road. Then night under the streetlights was somewhat peaceful. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
Skylar felt sleepy. Leaning on the car, she soon fell asleep.
Seeing that, Joe glanced at Paul.

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