She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane

Chapter 601

Chapter 601: Eddie, the Grandson of Leandro
Just when everyone was mocking Cheyenne and that guy from Jostrana.
Abel, however, announced the final results of this round of competition with a solemn expression.
He walked to the center of the stage with his hands behind his back, sweeping his gaze over the crowd waiting below for the dramatic show, and shook his head.
"I thought that all of you were graduates of prestigious schools and top talents from major families. You should have spent time and effort preparing for this competition, but the results have left me very disappointed."
As soon as he finished speaking, the whole room fell into a hush.
What on earth had happened?
Why was Abel so angry?
Could it be because Cheyenne handed in a blank paper, so Abel was so angry?
The next moment, everyone was slapped in the face.
Abel only took out four of the answer sheets and placed them on the table to the right, and the rest... were all thrown into the trash in front of everyone.
When everyone saw those papers falling into the trash like a snowfall, they felt as if their dignity had also sunk into the mud.
What he threw away wasn't just the exam papers, but clearly their dignity!
The players and audience who had just been mocking Cheyenne fell silent. The huge hall, with several thousand people seated, was so quiet.
Leah looked at the remaining four test papers and began to speculate in her mind who these four people could be.
In any case, she should be one of them.
Thinking about this, Leah's forehead began to sweat slightly. She felt that even if she passed, it would probably be just by luck.
Compared to the tension of these people, Cheyenne was extremely calm.
"Master, I bought ice cream!" Jay came running excitedly from the crowded crowd, the cold wind blowing on his bald head, the short fluffy hair that had just grown standing on end. Against his chubby little face, his eyes were as shiny as two small grapes, sparkling like stars.
He walked over with a green corn packaging bag of ice cream in his hand.
As Cheyenne took the things, she reached out to pat his head. "Thank you, go play."
So, in front of thousands of spectators, she shamelessly opened the packaging and began to eat.
Watching her take a big bite, the people around couldn't help but shiver.
Cheyenne's eyes narrowed with joy as she picked a chair, sat back with her legs crossed, and waited for the President to announce the answers.
"In this round of the competition, only four people have passed. To be honest, I am surprised. The original plan was to select 30% contestants for the next round."
"Now, because the number of people is far from reaching 30%, I have decided to let these four who passed enter the final round of the competition together." What?
Directly entering the last part?
According to the original schedule of the competition, there were supposed to be three strict selection stages.
The first stage was to distinguish pharmacology, the second stage was for the organizers to set the questions, and the person who treated the most patients within the specified time would win.
The third one was about two sides of the game asking each other questions, and whoever overcame them first would be the winner.
"So, without further ado, I hereby announce the four contestants who have made it to the finals. The first one is Eddie Zamora!"
Just as Abel announced the results, the crowd began to look around, whispering to each other, "Who is Eddie Zamora? I've never heard of this name before."
"I don't know, I've never heard of this name either."
"Could he be from Almond Hall?"
Eddie was wearing a white lab coat paired with black suit pants. His slender figure and fair, delicate face, framed by a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, made him look like a charming gentleman, captivating the hearts of many girls present.
He was the epitome of the ideal gentleman, gentle and refined.
As he passed by Leandro from Moon Hall, he purposefully paused his steps, his peripheral vision glancing at Leandro.
Leandro happened to be looking at him as well.
There was a sense of familiarity that came over him, as if... he had seen this young man somewhere before.
But he was certain that they had never met before, and what surprised him even more was why this young man was looking at him with eyes filled with hatred?
Did they have some sort of grudge?
However, the hatred disappeared a flash, and Eddie quickly returned to his gentle demeanor, walking up to the stage.
While Abel observed him, he patted Eddie's shoulder in approval and said, "Young man, introduce yourself."
Eddie nodded, pursed his lips slightly, and with utmost seriousness, introduced his background, "Hello, judges. I am Eddie Zamora, a student of Jonathan Owen from Almond Hall." So, he really was from Almond Hall!
On the judge's panel, Kyson couldn't
help but stroke his white beard, proudly continuing to laugh, "He is the successor that my younger brother has chosen, naturally he can be considered one of us
Almond Hall."
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As soon as his words fell, Leandro
couldn't help but sarcastically retort,
"But didn't Jonathan cut ties with
Almond Hall? So how can Eddie be considered one of yours from
Almond Hall?" Kyson immediately slammed the table in anger, creating
a loud noise, "Who said he's not? I believe Eddie is part of my Almond Hall." The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
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As the two of them argued incessantly, Rex, who was seated behind them, suddenly spake in a calm varde. Stop arguing, why do I
feel like I've seen this child somewhere before?" "Like... that's
right, he looks like Willie!" The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
Iker stood next. Hearing this, he answered, "Grandfather, Mr. Zamora is Uncle
Willie's son."
"What did you say!" The elderly man, who was nearly ninety years old, was so
shocked that he forgot to take his cane with him, his gray hair blowing in the wind, disheveled.
Kyson, on the other hand, pretended as if he had already known all along,
saying, "What's so surprising about that? Willie died in Akloit and
entrusted my useless younger
brother to take care of his child until now."
"Now, can you finally admit that he is a disciple of my Almond Hall?"
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Leandro jolted up from his seat. With
his eyebrows raised and his eyes
widened, he glared at Kyson, O m sprouting in a loud voice, "Willie is my son, so Eddie is my grandson." Eddie turned out to be Leandro's own grandson! The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
As the news spread, the whole venue erupted in excitement.

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