The Lycan King's Fate Calling

Chapter 412

Sylvia's POV:
"But why didn't Leonard know about this?" Rufus asked curiously. "Edwin and Leonard are always together. I think it will be a tough task for Edwin to hide anything from him."
"You are right." I tilted my head and contemplated this for a while. "Leonard is such an upright man. His men must have the same values as him too."
But there was an exception to every rule. Who could guarantee that Edwin was an honest man?
I spun the narrative in my mind again. In my heart, I had already painted Edwin as a man who had abandoned his wife and daughter.
"I believe that Leonard doesn't know about this. Given his character, if he knew about this, he would certainly not hide or lie about it, let alone put on such a perfect act in front of us today," Rufus analyzed calmly.
I snorted. "That means Edwin dated my mother secretly behind Leonard's back."
"That is possible." Rufus nodded. His eyebrows then furrowed as he asked, "What are you going to do now? Are you going to talk to Edwin?"
I suddenly froze. I remembered that when I was a child, all the children in the pack ridiculed my mother as a bitch abandoned by a man. It felt like that difficult phase had taken place just yesterday.
For an ordinary family, the birth of a child was considered a happy blessing. But for my mother, my birth only made her the target of endless taunts.
Despite that, she gave me twice the love, fulfilling the part that should have come from my father as well.
As my mind flashed back to Edwin's avoidance this afternoon, my heart clenched painfully.
Finally, I shook my head and said, "No."
Rufus cupped my face with his hands and gave me a tender look. "What's wrong? If you don't want to give Edwin the position of your father, then you don't need to. He never contributed to raising you throughout your childhood, nor did he give you any love. You don't need him in the future either."
I pouted. "Rufus, you know what? I look very similar to my mother."
"I know. I had once seen her at a celebration ceremony of the empire when I was
a child. Your eyes resemble hers very closely," he said sweetly as his fingers softly brushed over my eyes.
At this moment, I felt horrible. I had imagined numerous possibilities, but I had never thought I'd end up with this kind of result.
It turned out that my father wasn't expecting my existence.
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"As you saw, Edwin mistook me for my mother at first glance, which means he hasn't forgotten her yet. And he was not exactly surprised when he saw me. I mean... it's like he of..
already knew of my existence, and he was just simply surprised to see me here in the royal palace. So we can safely assume that he probably knew that my mother had given birth to his child. But when he saw me, he didn't show any happiness. Instead, he tried his best to dodge all the questions," I said in a low voice. Finally, I laughed humorlessly. "My appearance probably caught him off guard." The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
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Rufus sighed and kissed me on the forehead. "Honey, don't think about it anymore. Don't spend your energy thinking about someone who doesn't care about you." "Those kids were right all along. My father didn't want my mother and me." My lips curved up into a bitter smile and sadness enveloped my heart. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
Rufus wrapped his arms around me and comforted me, "I love you, Sylvia. The
others don't matter."
His confession of love warmed my heart. I touched his chin and smiled. "Yes, I
have you. I'm not sad anymore."
Rufus lowered his head and kissed me on my lips. He asked in a soft voice, "Do you want me to help you investigate what happened back then?"
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I hesitated for a moment, but still
refused. "I want to do this myself. Edwin must know. I will personally ask him why he abandoned my mother." sah th FindNøvel."@t website on Gøøgle to access
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