The Million-Dollar Heart by Rebecca Ryan

Chapter 860

Mara was in a state of panic, hands clamped over her ears as she screamed shrilly, fighting with all her might. The last thing she wanted was to be thrown into the kennels, no way was she going to be fed to the dogs!
"No, you can't do this to me! Yes, I drugged my uncle, and that was wrong, but how can you prove that he didn't take advantage of me?" Her eyes were bloodshot, lips slightly parted, filled with hatred. Then, the door opened, and in came Richard Ellington. Leaning on a wooden cane with his left hand, his butler trailing behind him. The butler had already informed Richard about the incident.
With such a scandal rocking the Ellington family, Richard was bound to know, and he was seething with anger. He couldn't believe that Cecilia's kindness had been turned against her like a sharp knife. The Boyd family, aside from Cecilia, were indeed no good at all!
Seeing Richard enter, Mara tried to get up, desperately crawling towards him. She grabbed at Richard's trouser leg, gasping for air, seeing him as her only hope. Choking back sobs, tears streaming down her face like strings of pearls, she banged her head against Richard's foot, "Richard, I beg you, save me! Vivienne and my brother want to throw me to the dogs. I know I messed up, acted recklessly, and betrayed my uncle, but it wasn't my intention. It was all, all my brother's doing!"
Mara's lips trembled slightly, "Huxley, you were once my dearest brother, but if you can do this to me, don't blame me for not caring about our sibling bond anymore!"
Her eyes reddened further as she cried out loud, like a child left behind, "Grandfather, it was all Huxley. He said he wanted to restore the Boyd family's glory, to become the head of the Boyd family. He made me drug my uncle so he could blackmail him into helping revive our family."
With every excuse she made, the faces of those present grew colder. Especially Richard, his face tight, his gaze icy, exuding authority and rage, "Rubbish! You deserve to be thrown to the dogs for bringing such disgrace upon the Ellington family! You dying a thousand times wouldn't be enough. How could you betray your aunt like this?" Richard clenched his cane so tightly that it nearly cracked from his anger.
Hearing this, Mara's legs gave out, almost fainting. But she wasn't ready to give up, biting her lip till it bled, "Richard, I know what I've done is unforgivable, but I've been intimate with my uncle. What if I'm pregnant? This could be the next generation of the Ellington family. How could you let this child be cast aside?"
Percival's face darkened immediately, his gaze deadly as if looking at a dead thing. Vivienne casually twirled a dagger in her hand, the atmosphere around her almost electrifying. It seemed as if the dagger might fly out and decapitate Mara at any moment.
Richard, however, didn't immediately respond. His once robust voice sighed softly after a long moment, "Enough, let her stay."
Vivienne frowned, Cecilia in disbelief! As everyone looked on in shock, Richard seemed to compromise, "The Ellington family is thinning in numbers. I cannot ignore this. We've had enough disappointments, with grandchildren turning out to be good-for-nothings. Fiona and my youngest son are gone. I can't bear any more losses."
"If she is indeed pregnant, let the child be born. But once the child is born, Mara is to be sent away! The Ellington family will only keep the child!"
Cecilia breathed lightly, overwhelmed by Richard's words, her eyes filled with pain, tears blurring her vision. Richard, feeling the most remorseful towards his daughter-in-law, said, "Cecilia, rest assured, the Ellington family acknowledges only you. I know I owe you much, and I am willing to give half of our assets to you."
Cecilia, stricken, replied with a voice of despair, "I want none of the Ellington family's wealth! From now on, consider me as if I never existed in the Ellington family!" With that, she turned and ran out the door. Nathan, flames of anger in his eyes, declared, "Even if that shameless woman is pregnant, I will never acknowledge the child!" He left those words hanging and ran after Cecilia.
Percival and Vivienne had never
expected Richard to make such a decision. Percival's expression hardened, his lips pressed into a thin line as he took Vivienne's hand and they left together.
"I don't agree with grandfather either, don't worry, this isn't over. I believe dad would never have approved of this!" Vivienne looked serious, reassuring Percival.
He stopped in his tracks and embraced Vivienne, "Thank you, Vivienne."
With a smile, Vivienne reassured,
"We've overcome so much together, this won't be any different." They comforted each other before returning to Percival's villa, arms
wrapped around each other in solidarity.
Waiting in front of the mansion, Leo,
Tom, and Anna pretended not to
notice the tension between the couple. After all, being third wheels constantly, they've learned
sometimes it's smarter to pretend you don't see what's being fed to
you. Ouch, but it still hurts.
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Even Leo, who wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, could tell something was off with Percy today. Instead of bounding over like usual, he sidled up
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Viv threw Leo a look. Leo got the message loud and clear and m scampered over to Tom and Anna, covering his mouth, and mumbled, "Steer clear of Percy!" The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
Tom and Anna rolled their eyes at Leo. It's not like we're blind! Typical Leo, as
clueless as a golden retriever!
Seeing their expressions, Leo got a bit miffed. Here he was, trying to do a good
deed, and this was the thanks he got!
Tom: Oh, cheers, mate!
Anna: Yeah, thanks a ton!
Tom couldn't help himself and nudged Leo with his foot, "Go talk business with
the lady!"
Anna was also itching to give Leo a nudge for not staying on topic, but restrained
herself in front of Viv.
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Ignoring the fact that Tom had just
kicked him, Leo didn't seek revenge. Noticing Percy's growing impatience, he quickly blurted out, "The
gly seek revenge.
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